Dorothy Dodd


The Legislative Council that met in Tallahassee in November and December 1824 provided, by an act approved December 28, for the taking of a census in each county of the Territory. The census was to be taken by the receivers of tax returns in 1825 at the same time that they received returns of taxable persons or property. Each county census was to show the names of heads of families, names of white males over 21 years of age, names of white males under 21 years, names of white females over 21 years, names of white females under 21 years, total of white inhabitants, total of free people of color, total of slaves, and total of inhabitants. For the purposes of the act, heads of families were “deemed to be private or public keepers of dining tables, whether in boarding houses, private houses or otherwise.” Two copies of the census were required to be made, one to be filed with the clerk of the county court, the other with the Secretary of the Territory.