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Florida in 1845


Dorothy Dodd


When the government of the State of Florida was organized in June 1845, the state contained a population of some 66,500. Although Florida has a total area of 58,560 square miles, 2 47 percent of the population was concentrated in the 7,333 square miles (only 12.5 percent of the state total) lying between the Apalachicola and Suwannee rivers, then known as Middle Florida. The remaining 53 percent was distributed fairly evenly between West and East Florida, 25 percent being in the former and 28 percent in the latter. But since West Florida -between the Perdido and Apalachicola rivershas an area of only 8,171 square miles, while there are 43,056 square miles in East Florida - i.e., all that part of the peninsula lying south and east of the Suwannee river-there was a great difference in density of population.