Stanley Faye


The brothers Lemoyne began Louisiana’s war against Mexico, as told in part one of this narrative. Francois Blondel de la Tour continued it. One month after the fall of San Carlos (at Pensacola bay) the commandant of Natchitoches led the six men remaining in his garrison against San Miguel de Adaes, the nearest Spanish mission of Texas. He captured one of the two Spanish soldiers. who formed the garrison there, but neither Blondel nor Governor Alarcon at Mission Dolores (near Nacogdoches, Texas) possessed military strength for further operations. Natchitoches waited in stalemate until the Company of the Indies should open the port of San Bernardo bay. Meanwhile the French Commodore Champmeslin with the naval ships Hercule (flagship), Mars (Captain Roquefeuil) and Triton (Captain de Vienne) was approaching Haiti, where on July 9 he came into port at Cap Francois.