The Negro Abraham Kenneth W. Porter
Notes on the “Catalogo de los Fondos de las Floridas" Albert C. Manucy
Pioneer Florida : Mexican Squadron at Key West, 1827 T. Frederick Davis
The Port of St. Augustine During the British Regime, Part II Wilbur H. Siebert
“Tequesta” 1945 The Historical Association of Southern Florida
Book Reviews:

  • Cash and Dodd: “Florida Becomes a State” Rembert W. Patrick
  • Alden: “John Stuart and the Southern Colonial Frontier” Wilbur H. Siebert

The Florida Historical Society:

  • The annual meeting
  • Minutes
  • Report of the Librarian
  • Report of the Treasurer
  • New members
  • Accessions
  • Establishing Local Societies

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