Ruth E. Mier


The principal source of the numerous brief sketches that have been written on the life of Dr. John Gorrie is four articles appearing in Ice and Refrigeration, of Chicago; and the first of these was, in the main, the source of the other three. Captain George H. Whiteside, whose brother Samuel J. Whiteside was a friend and contemporary of Dr. Gorrie’s, was the author of that article, entitled “Dr. John Gorrie, Sketch of the Career of the Original Inventor of the Ice Machine or Device for the Mechanical Production of Ice and Refrigeration.” His admiration for the man whose name was spoken so respectfully by the people of Apalachicola, led him to become Dr. Gorrie’s biographer. But in collecting and presenting his material he fell into several errors which have been carried into subsequent accounts, for some sources were not available to him.