The Federal Campaign of 1864 in East Florida Mark F. Boyd
A Free Negro Purchases his Daughter Herbert J. Doherty Jr.
Archeology in Florida Reviews of:

  • John W. Griffin, Editor, “The Florida Indian and his Neighbors ” J. E. Dovell
  • Goggin and Sommer, “Excavations on Upper Matecumbe Key, Florida” Hale G. Smith
  • Willey, “Excavations in Southeast Florida” Ripley P. Bullen
  • Willey, “Archeology of the Florida Gulf Coast” John M. Goggin

Review of: Lackey, "East Florida, 1783-1785" Donald E. Worcester
Florida Historical Societies:

  • A Lake County Historical Society
  • Osceola County Historical Association
  • Jacksonville Historical Society
  • A DuVal Marker in Jacksonville

A History of Tampa
History of Dade County
The Florida Historical Society:

  • The annual meeting
  • Program
  • Minutes
  • Reports
  • New members