Miranda’s Diary of the Siege of Pensacola, 1781 Donald E. Worcester
Edward A. Perry, Yankee General of the Florida Brigade Sigsbee C. Prince, Jr.
A Political Rally of 1884 A letter of L. D. Huston
An Appeal to Restore El Inca’s Birthplace Wyndham Hayward
Book Reviews-

  • Hanna and Hanna: ‘‘Florida‘s Golden Sands’’ Chadton. W. Tebeau.
  • Sellers: “Slavery in Alabama” James D. Glunt

Regional Historical Societies

  • The Jacksonville Historical Society
  • The Historical Association of Southern Florida
  • Osceola County Historical Society
  • Elizabeth A. Cantrell Memorial
  • Manatee County Historical Society

The Florida Historical Society

  • The Annual Meeting at St. Petersburg

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