De Soto’s First Headquarters in Florida John R. Swanton
De Soto’s Ucita and the Terra Ceia Site Ripley P. Bullen
Settlers from Connecticut in Spanish Florida Letters of Ambrose Hull and Stella Hart 1804-1806 Edited by Robert E. Rutherford
The Cowkeeper Dynasty of the Seminole Nation Kenneth W. Porter
“A Letter from the Land of Flowers, Fruit and Plenty”
“Tequesta 1951 “The Journal of the Historical Association of Southern Florida”
Book reviews:

  • Woodward, “Reunion and Reaction” Charles T. Thrift, Jr.
  • Going, “Bourbon Democracy in Alabama” Weymouth T. Jordun
  • Coleman, “Liberty and Property” Gilbert E. Lycan

Local and regional historical societies:

  • The Jacksonville Historical Society
  • The St. Augustine Historical Society

The Florida Historical Society

  • The Annual Meeting

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