The Pensacola Indian Trade Peter A. Brannon
A Voyage to the Miami Region in 1793 Richard K. Murdoch
Settlers from Connecticut in Spanish Florida, 1808-1816 Robert E. Rutherford (ed.)
Book Reviews:

  • Varner, “The Florida of the Inca” Charlton W. Tebeau
  • Rouse, “A Survey of Indian River Archeology”
  • Ferguson, “Chronology at South Indian Field” Frederick W. Sleight
  • Stanley, “A History of Jackson County” J. E. Dovell

The Historical Association of Southern Florida
The Florida Historical Society

  • The annual meeting
  • The program
  • Minutes
  • Report of the treasurer
  • New officials
  • New members
  • Rembert W. Patrick, Associate Editor

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