The Marine Forces of William Augustus Bowles and His State of Muskogee Lyle N. McAlister
The South Florida Military Institute Samuel Proctor
Florida’s First Reconstruction Legislature A Letter of William H. Gleason (Ed.) Edward C. Williamson
Pensacola in 1810
Book Reviews:

  • Griffin (Ed.): “Archeology of the Eastern United States” Hale G. Smith
  • Swanton: “The Indian Tribes of North America” Robert Anderson

Local and regional historical societies:

  • Jacksonville Historical Society
  • Historical Association of Southern Florida
  • Tallahassee Historical Society
  • Pensacola Historical Society
  • Hillsborough County Historical Commission

Florida Historical Society

  • The Annual Meeting:
  • The program
  • Minutes
  • Report of the President
  • Report of the Treasurer
  • Membership report

Contents Vol. XXXI