The Notorious Swepson-Littlefield Fraud: Railroad Financing in Florida (1868-1871) Paul E. Fenlon
The Occupation of Jacksonville, 1864 And the Battle of Olustee Letters of Lt. C. M. Duren
A Religious Revival in Tallahassee in 1843 The Reverend Nathan Hoyt (ed. by) George C. Osborn
Tequesta XIII
Book reviews:

  • Patrick, “Florida Fiasco” Kathryn Abbey Hanna
  • Motte, “‘Journey into Wilderness, 1836-1838” (ed. by) James F. Sunderman William C. Sturtevant
  • Penicaut, “Fleur de Lys and Calumet” (ed. by) R. C. Williams Charles S. Davis
  • “Hundredth Birthday, Duval County Medical Society” Webster Merritt et. al. (editors)

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  • Historical Association of Southern Florida
  • Pensacola Historical Society

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