Andrew Jackson’s Cronies in Florida Territorial Politics Three unpublished letters of Jackson Herbert J. Doherty Jr.
“Southern Rights” and Yankee Humor A Confederate-Federal Jacksonville newspaper
Florida History in Spanish Archives: Reproductions at the University of Florida Charles W. Arnade
Archeology of the Tampa Bay Area Ripley P. Bullen
Book Reviews:

  • Durkin, “Stephen R. Mallory: Confederate Navy Chief.” Charles S. Davis
  • Cotterill, “The Southern Indians” Charles H. Fairbanks
  • Folmer, “Franco-Spanish Rivalry in North America, 1524- 1763” Robert C. Beyer
  • Parks, “General Edmund Kirby Smith, C. S. A.” Edward C. Williamson
  • Jackson, “Early Florida Through Spanish Eyes” Gilbert L. Lycan
  • “Centennial History of Volusia County”

Regional and Local Historical Societies:

  • Historical Association of Southern Florida. Tequesta
  • Jacksonville Historical Society. Papers
  • St. Augustine Historical Society
  • Halifax Historical Society

Florida Historical Society:

  • The Annual Meeting: Program, Minutes, Membership.
  • Junior Historians’ Essay Contest History of Wildwood, Gay Phillips

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