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Book Reviews


Reviews of: Stephen R. Mallory: Confederate Navy Chief. By Joseph T. Durkin, S. J. (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1954. pp. xi, 446. $6.00); The Southern Indians: The Story of the Civilized Tribes Before Removal. By R. S. Cotterill. The Civilization of the American Indian Series. (University of Oklahoma Press: Norman. 1954, vol. xiii, 255 pp. 8 plates, 5 maps. $4.00); Franco-Spanish Rivalry in North America, 1524-1763. By Henry Folmer. (Spain in the West, VII. The Arthur H. Clark Co., Glendale, California, 1953. 352 pp. $10.00).; General Edmund Kirby Smith, C.S.A. by Joseph Howard Parks, Southern Biography Series (Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University Press, 1954). pp. 537, $6.00.; Early Florida Through Spanish Eyes, by W. R. Jackson, Jr. University of Miami Hispanic-American Studies, No. XII, edited by R. S. Boggs. (Coral Gables: University of Miami Press, 1954. Pp. vi, 179. $3.50. Bibliography and glossary of geographical names.)