Archeological Excavations in the Courtyard of Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine, Florida J. C. Harrington, Albert C. Manucy, and John M. Goggin
Andrew Jackson vs. the Spanish Governor Herbert J. Doherty Jr.
David Selby Walker Educational Statesman of Florida Nita Katharine Pyburn
Florida in 1643 As Seen by its Governor Charles W. Arnade
Florida by 19th Century Travellers Ben F. Rogers
Book Reviews:

  • Williams, “P. G. T. Beauregard, Napoleon in Gray” Weymouth T. Jordan
  • Dovell, “History of Banking in Florida” G. G. Ware
  • Wilgus (ed.), “The Caribbean: Its Economy” Charles W. Arnade

“Education in Florida”
“Imago Mundi,” Florida maps
“History of Medicine in Dade County”
“Key West”
“From Dawn to Sunset”
“Knickerboker Birthday, N. Y. Historical Society”
“Early Days of Coastal Georgia”
“House of Refuge Museum”
An F.S.U. History Project
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  • An index to thirty-three volumes of the Quarterly
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