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Capital Removal


In 1823, two commissioners, one representing East Florida, and the other representing West Florida, selected Tallahassee as the most suitable site for the capital of the newly organized territory of Florida. However, from the very first time the Legislative Council convened at Tallahassee, pressure was brought forth to remove the capital from Tallahassee. Typical of the objections to Tallahassee was that it was so far from any settlement or habitation of civilized man, although it had been chosen by men well qualified to determine the most advantageous position near the center of the population. In the very first session of the Legislative Council to convene at Tallahassee, a petition was presented which requested the removal of the capital to a site on some navigable water. This petition, read on November 8, 1824, was the beginning of a more or less continual struggle to remove the capital from Tallahassee. Also included is contributors and new members.