Karl A. Bickel


Ever since I started dabbling into the business of Spanish Conquistadors; particularly Balboa, Cortes, Pizzaro and our own first great tourist Hernando De Soto, I have been interested in looking more closely into the birthplaces of these men - a topic rather lightly treated by the greater historians - and trying to find after a fashion, some of the things that made them “tick.” The thing that really started me off, however, was a paragraph in a book by Ruth Matilda Anderson of the Hispanic Society of America. The book is titled Spanish Costume - Extramadura and without question it covers its field in great care and detail, but far and beyond her studies into Spanish costume her book is the finest guide book ever written on the great province in western Spain - a province rich in history and extraordinarily beautiful which, desipte good hotels and government motels, has been almost entirely neglected by the American tourist.