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Book Reviews


Reviews of Juan Ponce de Leon. By Vincente Murga Sanz. (San Juan: Universidad de Puerto Rico Press, 1959. Ediciones de la Universidad de Puerto Rico. 386 pp. Illustrations, notes, biblography and index.); The Spanish Settlements within the Present Limits of the United States 1513-1574. By Woodbury Lowery. (New York: Russell & Russell. 1959. 2 Vols. Maps, illustrations, bibliography, appendices, index. $13.50); Dictionary of the American Indian. By John L. Stoutenburgh, Jr. (New York: Philosophical Library, 1960. vi, 462 pp. $10.00.); The Fall of Richmond. By Rembert W. Patrick. (Baton Rouge: Lousiana State University Press, 1960. ix, 144 pp. Illustrations, map, index. $4.00.); The Little War of Private Post. By Charles Johnson Post. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1960. xii, 340 pp. Illustrations. $6.50.)