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Book Reviews


Reviews of Cora Crane: A Biography of Mrs. Stephen Crane. By Lillian Gilkes. (Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1960. 416 pp. Illustrations, appendices, notes on sources, index. $6.75.); Opening the Case Against the U. S. De Soto Commission’s Report, and other DeSoto Papers. Being a “Thoroughgoing Examination” of the Part in re Present Florida of the FINAL REPORT OF THE U. S. DESOTO EXPEDITION COMMISSION Vicariously Sponsored by the 75th Congress, 1st Session. By Warren Hager Wilkinson. (Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Alliance for the Preservation of Florida Antiquities, 1960. 93 pp. Maps. $3.00.); Herbs, Hoecakes and Husbandry! The Daybook of a Planter of the Old South. Edited by Weymouth T. Jordan. Florida State Universities Studies No. 34, (Tallahassee, The Florida State University, 1960, 137 pp. Index. $3.00.); Searching for Your Ancestors; The How and Why of Genealogy. By Gilbert H. Doane. Third edition. (Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 1960. Appendices, index. 198 pp. $3.95.)