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Book Reviews


Vicente Manuel de Zespedes and the Restoration of Spanish Rule in East Florida, 1784-1790. By Helen Hornbeck Tanner. (Ann Arbor, University of Michigan [Doctoral Dissertation], 1961. 365 pp.); The British Meet the Seminoles; Negotiations between British Authorities in East Florida and the Indians: 1763-68. Collected and annotated by James W. Covington. Contributions of the Florida State Museum, Social Sciences, Number 7. (Gainesville, University of Florida, 1961. 66 pp. Map, facsimile, notes, and references. $1.00.); Southern Tradition and Regional Progress. By William H. Nicholls. (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1960. xviii, 202 pp. Bibliography. $5.00.); The Patriot Chiefs. By Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. (New York: The Viking Press, 1961. xiv, 364 pp. Illustrations, maps, bibliography, index. $6.00.); The Confederacy, A Social and Political History in Documents, Edited by Albert D. Kirwan. (New York, Meridian Books, 1959. 292 pp. Notes, bibliography, and index. $1.45); True Tales of the South at War; How Soldiers Fought and Families Lived, 1861-1865. Collected and edited by Clarence Poe. (Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 1961. 208 pp. $2.95)