John Large, Jr.


No roll of nineteenth century America’s eminent men of science would be complete without the name of Jared Potter Kirtkurd. His noteworthy career was no less of an ornament to the historical recollection of northeastern Ohio than to the scientific fraternity of the country as a whole. Kirtland’s endeavors led him into many areas of public enlightenment. Born in Connecticut in 1793, of deeply-rooted New England ancestry, young Jared had shown an early enthusiasm for horticulture and natural history. At the age of fifteen years he made an original scientific contribution. Later in 1815, at Yale Medical College, he received his M.D. degree as a member of the first graduating class of that fledgling institution of medicine and launched into practice. The year 1825 found him among the pioneers of the Western Reserve in Ohio. His worth as an individual was there given public recognition when, in 1828, he was elected to the Ohio legislature where he served several terms. In the 1830’s he became a trustee of Western Reserve and Ohio Agricultural colleges and held a chair on the faculty of the Medical College of Ohio in Cincinnati. He was appointed to assist with the Ohio geological survey and became the president of the Third Ohio Medical Convention. Kirtland’s distinction further increased in the following decade when he became a founder of the Cleveland Medical College (now a part of Western Reserve University).