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Book Reviews


Reviews of TePaske, The Governorship of Spanish Florida: 1700-1763, by Charles L. Mowat; Kendrick, Florida Trails to Turnpikes: 1914-1964, by Fuller Warren; Hall, The Judicial Sayings of Justice Glenn Terrell, by Campbell Thornal; Pent, The History of Tarpon Springs, by Mary McRae; Tebeau, They Lived in the Park, by John W. Griffin; Helm, The Everglades: Florida Wonderland, and Emerson, Land of Beauty and Enchantment: Stories and Photographs of the Florida Everglades, by Charlton W. Tebeau; Holt, Mary McLeod Bethune: A Biography, by Thelma Peters; Blanchard, We Remember John: A Biography of John W. Branscomb, First Bishop elected from Florida Methodism, by Doak S. Campbell; Hardy and Pynchon, Millstones and Milestones: Florida’s Public Health from 1889, by William M. Straight