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Book Reviews


Reviews of Goggin, Indian and Spanish Selected Writings, by Hale G. Smith; Dolan, The Yankee Peddlers of Early America, by James Harvey Young; Smith, Loyalists and Redcoats: A Study in British Revolutionary Policy, by Kenneth Coleman; Perkins, Castlereagh and Adams: England and the United States, 1812-1823, by Thomas P. Govan; Foote, The Civil War: A Narrative: Fredericksburg to Meridian, by John G. Barrett; Massey, Refugee Life in the Confederacy, by Kathryn Abbey Hanna; Williams, Matthew Fontaine Maury, Scientist of the Sea, by H. O. Werner; Vandiver (ed.), The Idea of the South: Pursuit of a Central Theme, by Joe N. Richardson; Leiserson (ed.), The American South in the 1960’s, by Leedell W. Neyland; Silver, Mississippi: The Closed Society, by Rembert W. Patrick; Stephenson, Southern History in the Making: Pioneer Historians of the South, by David L. Smiley; Coulter, Joseph Vallence Bevan, Georgia’s First Official Historian, by Ray E. Held