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Book Reviews


Reviews of Smith, The Death of Slavery: The United States, 1837-1865, by David L. Smiley; Massey, Bonnet Brigades, by Elsie M. Lewis; Current, Three Carpetbag Governors, by Mary Elizabeth Massey; Tawes, Coasting Captain: Journals of Captain Leonard S. Tawes Relating His Career in Atlantic Coastwise Sailing Craft from 1868-1922, by K. Jack Bauer; Boswell, The America: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Yacht, by Edward A. Mueller; Hill, Southern Churches in Crisis, by Byron S. Hollinshead; Thompson (ed.), Perspectives on the South: Agenda for Research, by Hugh T. Lefler; Greene, A Lifetime with the Birds: An Ornithological Logbook, by Elizabeth S. Austin; Murray, Hunting for Fossils: A Guide to Finding and Collecting Fossils in All Fifty States, by John D. Pennekamp; Book Notes