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Book Reviews


Reviews of Laumer, Massacre, by Rolf E. Schell; Paisley, From Cotton to Quail: An Agricultural Chronicle of Leon County, Florida, 1860-1967, by Gloria Jahoda; Parks, The Railroad That Died at Sea: The Florida East Coast’s Key West Extension, by Donald W. Curl; Rhyne, Our Yesterdays, by Clifton Paisley; Pizzo, Tampa Town, 1824-1886: Cracker Village with a Latin Accent, by William M. Goza; Norman, Discoverers of America, by Charles E. Bennett; Craven, The Colonies in Transition, 1660-1713, by John J. TePaske; Hamer, Rogers, and Lyles (eds.), The Papers of Henry Laurens. Volume I, 1746-1755, by Richard Walsh; Rohrbough, The Land Office Businesss The Settlement and Administration of American Public Lands, 1789-1837, by Charles W. Crawford; Lipscomb, The Administration of John Quinlan, Second Bishop of Mobile, 1859-1883, by Michael V. Gannon; Cunningham, Field Medical Services At The Battle of Manassas, William M. Straight; McFeeley, Yankee Stepfather: General O. O. Howard and the Freedmen, by Joe M. Richardson; Nathans, Losing the Peace: Georgia Republicans and Reconstruction, 1865-1871, by James E. Sefton; Quarles (ed.), Frederick Douglass; Drotning, Guide to Negro History in America, by Charlton W. Tebeau; Baughman, Charles Morgan and the Development of Southern Transportation, by Holman Hamilton; Sherrill, Gothic Politics in the Deep South, by William G. Carleton