Paul E. Hoffman


The P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History at the University of Florida has recently acquired from the Archive of the Indies five reels of microfilm containing all photographable documents from legajos number 941 to 949 inclusive of Contaduria (see Table I, for contents). These documents are the accounts of the royal officials for the provinces of Florida from 1565 to 1602. They consist of audited copies of three basic sets of books: the accounts of agents sent to collect the subsidy (situado) in Havana or Vera Cruz, the accounts of the treasurers, and the accounts of the factors and other persons charged with the care and distribution of food, munitions, and other supplies purchased for the Florida garrisons. Through the use of these sources it is possible to learn a variety of socio-economic facts about life in Florida during the second half of the sixteenth century.