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Book Reviews


Reviews of Brooks, From Saddlebags to Satellites: A History of Florida Methodism, by Walter B. Posey; Brown, Amphibious Campaign for West Florida and Louisiana, 1814-1815: Critical Review of Strategy and Tactics at New Orleans, by Frank L. Owsley, Jr.; Gold, Borderland Empires in Transition: Triple-Nation Transfer of Florida, by John J. TePaske; Will, Swamp to Sugar Bowl: Pioneer Days in Belle Glade, by Jeanne Bellamy; Richards, Florida’s Hibiscus City: Vero Beach, by Ernest F. Lyons; Woodward, Pocahontas, by Robert R. Rea; Rogers, Jr., Charleston in the Age of the Pinckneys, by Ernest M. Lander, Jr.; Royall (ed. by Griffith), Letters From Alabama, 1817-1822, by E. W. Carswell; Bauer, Surfboats and Horse Marines: U. S. Naval Operations in the Mexican War, 1846-48, by George E. Buker; McWhiney, Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat. Volume I: Field Command, by John G. Barrett; Edelstein, Strange Enthusiasm: A Life of Thomas Wentworth Higginson, by Willie Lee Rose; Stampp and Litwack (eds.), Reconstruction: An Anthology of Revisionist Writings, by Jerrell H. Shofner; Cruden, The Negro in Reconstruction, and Thornbrough, Great Lives Observed: Booker T. Washington, by Augustus M. Burns, III.; Green, Democracy in the Old South and Other Essays, by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; Cousins, Joel Chandler Harris: A Biography, and Cook, Fire From The Flint: The Amazing Careers of Dixon, by Gerald E. Critoph; Peterson, History Under the Sea: A Handbook For Underwater Exploration, by Carl J. Clausen.