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Book Reviews


Reviews of Jahoda, The Road to Samarkand: Frederick Delius and His Music, by Evelyn Harris; Dunn, Re-Discover Florida, by Margaret L. Chapman; Stoddard, Memoirs of a Naturalist, by Elizabeth S. Austin; Willison, Patrick Henry and His World, by Aubrey C. Land; Herndon, William Tatham and the Culture of Tobacco, by Clifton L. Paisley; Hemphill (ed.), The Papers of John C. Calhoun: Volume IV, 1819-1820, by Thomas P. Govan; Wooster, The People in Power: Courthouse and State House in the Lower South, 1850-1860, by Thomas D. Clark; Hyman (ed.), Heard Round The World, by Ben Procter; Goff, Confederate Supply, by James I. Robertson, Jr.; Belz, Reconstructing the Union: Theory and Policy During the Civil War, by T . Harry Williams; Trefousse, The Radical Republicans: Lincoln’s Vanguard for Racial Justice, by Phillip S. Paludan; Current (ed.), Reconstruction in Retrospect: Views from the Turn of the Century, by Howard H. Quint; Hamilton (ed.), Three American Frontiers: Writings of Thomas D. Clark, by Kenneth Coleman; Hackney, Populism To Progressivism In Alabama, by William Warren Rogers; Fagen, Brody, and O’Leary, Cubans in Exile: Disaffection and the Revolution, by Frederick E. Kidder; Clark, The Lady and the Sharks, by Marian Murray