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Book Reviews


Fancher, The Lost Legacy of Georgia’s Golden Isles, by James C. Bonner; Frakes, Laboratory for Liberty: The South Carolina Legislative Committee System, 1719-1776, by George C. Rogers, Jr.; Combs, The Jay Treaty: Political Battleground of the Founding Fathers, by J. Leitch Wright, Jr.; Daniels, Ordeal of Ambition: Jefferson, Hamilton, Burr, by Aubrey C. Land; Ketcham, James Madison, a Biography, by James Rabun; Stewart, Joshua R. Giddings and the Tactics of Radical Politics, by Alfred A. Cave; Davidson, The Last Foray, The South Carolina Planters of 1860: A Sociological Study, by John Hebron Moore; Thomas, The Confederacy as a Revolutionary Experience, by Roger D. Bridges; Reynolds, Editors Make War: Southern Newspapers in the Secession Crisis, by Edward C. Williamson; Link, The Higher Realism of Woodrow Wilson and Other Essays, by Byron S. Hollinshead; Hertzberg, The Search for an American Indian Identity: Modern Pan-Indian Movements, by Floyd A. O’Neil; Grubbs, Cry from the Cotton: The Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union and the New Deal, by Ralph F. de Bedts; Scott, The Southern Lady: From Pedestal to Politics, 1830-1930, by Thelma Peters; Rogers, Jr., The History of Georgetown County, South Carolina, by Martin Abbott; Gibson, The Chickasaws, by Charles Hudson