John D. Ware


Sunday, the 24th of April dawned with horizons and sky clear and wind favorable from the NE. At 6:00 A.M. after hearing the Holy Sacrifiice of the Mass, we departed the vessel with the longboat and canoe, both armed, in which the following men went: Frigate Lieutenant Don José Jiménez; Don Fraucisco Maria Celi; Don Juan Franco, a draftsman from the navy yard by the stream;55 the carpenter and the caulker of the xebec; and fifteen seamen. All this was in expectation of drawing a chart, and of surveying the forests and pines for masts, their quality, length, and thickness. At 8 we approached the shore which extended north of us, and on a point which I gave the name of Montalbo (Catfish Point) we stopped so that the crew might prepare their meal. At this time four pines were tapped for bleeding pitch. (This point is at the entrance of the haven of Aguirre cove, and is turned away by its coast seven miles east and west.)