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Book Reviews


DUNCAN UPSHAW FLETCHER: DIXIE’S RELUCTANT PROGRESSIVE, by Wayne Flynt, reviewed by Williard B. Gatewood, Jr.; FORERUNNER COURAGEOUS: STORIES OF FRONTIER FLORIDA, by LeRoy Collins, reviewed by William M. Goza; TWO ISLANDS: GRAND MANAN AND SANIBEL, by Katherine Scherman, reviewed by E. Ashby Hammond; SPAIN AND HER RIVALS ON THE GULF COAST, edited by Ernest F. Dibble and Earle W. Newton, reviewed by Helen Hornbeck Tanner; ANGLO-SPANISH RIVALRY IN NORTH AMERICA, by J. Leitch Wright, Jr., reviewed by John J. TePaske; THE NORTH CAROLINA CONTINENTALS, by Hugh F. Rankin, reviewed by Edward S. Perzel; THE PAPERS OF JEFFERSON DAVIS: Volume I, 1808-1840, edited by Haskell M. Monroe, Jr., and James T. McIntosh, reviewed by Clement Eaton; THE IMAGE OF LINCOLN IN THE SOUTH, by Michael Davis, LINCOLN ON BLACK AND WHITE: A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY, edited by Arthur, Zilversmit, reviewed by Emory M. Thomas; WHITE TERROR: THE KU KLUX KLAN CONSPIRACY AND SOUTHERN RECONSTRUCTION, by Allen W. Trelease, reviewed by Charles C. Alexander; GENTEEL PARTISAN: MANTON MARBLE, 1834-1917, by George T. McJimsey, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; GEORGE PEABODY: A BIOGRAPHY, by Franklin Parker, reviewed by Thomas S. Morgan, Jr.; IN THE CAGE: EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS OF THE FREED NEGRO IN SOUTHERN SOCIETY, 1877-1929, edited by Alton Hornsby, Jr., reviewed by William Marina; THE RELUCTANT FARMER: THE RISE OF AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION TO 1914, by Roy V. Scott, reviewed by Martin LaGodna; THE CITIZENS’ COUNCIL: ORGANIZED RESISTANCE TO THE SECOND RECONSTRUCTION, 1954-1964, by Neil R. McMillen, reviewed by Julian M. Pleasants; NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE, edited by Eleanor B. Leacock and Nancy O. Lurie, reviewed by Joseph H. Cash; BIG BROTHER’S INDIAN PROGRAMS— WITH RESERVATIONS, by Sar. A. Levitan and Barbara Hetrick, reviewed by Harry A. Kersey, Jr.; GEORGIA’S LAST FRONTIER: THE DEVELOPMENT OF CARROLL COUNTY, by James C. Bonner, reviewed by Kenneth Coleman