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Book Reviews


No FURTHER RETREAT: THE FIGHT TO SAVE FLORIDA, by Raymond F. Dasmann, reviewed by Charlton W. Tebeau; ON PRESERVING TROPICAL FLORIDA, by John C. Gifford, reviewed by Polly Redford; ST. PETERSBURG AND ITS PEOPLE, by Walter Fuller, reviewed by Milton D. Jones; HISTORY OF SANTA ROSA COUNTY: A KING’S COUNTRY, by M. Luther King, reviewed by E. W. Carswell; JAMES BLAIR OF VIRGINIA, by Parke Rouse, Jr., reviewed by Jack P. Greene; THE LETTERBOOK OF ELIZA LUCAS PINCKNEY, 1739-1762, edited by Elise Pinckney, reviewed by Hugh Lefler; THE ANATOMY OF THE CONFEDERATE CONGRESS, by Thomas B. Alexander and Richard E. Beringer, reviewed by Richard L. Hume; BRIERFIELD: PLANTATION HOME OF JEFFERSON DAVIS, by Frank E. Everett, reviewed by Samuel Wilson, Jr.; FREE AT LAST: THE LIFE OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS, by Arna Bontemps, reviewed by Peter D. Klingman; ROOSEVELT’S ROUGH RIDERS, by Virgil Carrington Jones, reviewed by Thomas J. Gilliam; ATTACK ON TERROR: THE FBI AGAINST THE KU KLUX KLAN IN MISSISSIPPI, by Don Whitehead, reviewed by James W. Silver; WHITE SECTS AND BLACK MEN IN THE RECENT SOUTH, by David E. Harrell, Jr., reviewed by Wayne Flynt; THE NOT SO SOLID SOUTH: ANTHROPOLOGICAL STUDIES IN A REGIONAL SUBCULTURE, edited by J. Kenneth Morland, reviewed by Solon T. Kimball; THE MEMPHIS COMMERCIAL APPEAL: THE HISTORY OF A SOUTHERN NEWSPAPER, by Thomas H. Baker, reviewed by Charles W. Crawford; STILL REBELS, STILL YANKEES AND OTHER ESSAYS, by Donald Davidson, reviewed by Gloria Jahoda