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Book Reviews


THE CITY MAKERS, by Richard A. Martin, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; THE AMERICANIZATION OF THE GULF COAST, 1803-1850, edited by Lucius F. Ellsworth, Ted Carageorge, William Coker, Earle Newton, reviewed by Harry P. Owens; SYNAGOGUE IN THE CENTRAL CITY: TEMPLE ISRAEL OF GREATER MIAMI, 1922-1972, by Charlton W. Tebeau, reviewed by John P. Reiger; JOHN GORRIE, M.D.: FATHER OF AIR CONDITIONING AND MECHANICAL REFRIGERATION, by Raymond B. Becker, reviewed by William M. Straight; THE PRE-COLOMBIAN MIND, by Francisco Guerra, reviewed by Jerald T. Milanich; SIXTEENTH CENTURY NORTH AMERICA: THE LAND AND THE PEOPLE AS SEEN By THE EUROPEANS, by Carl Ortwin Sauer, reviewed by John D. Ware; THE ENGLISH IN THE CARIBBEAN, 1624-1690, by Carl and Roberta Bridenbaugh, reviewed by Robert R. Rea; CORRESPONDENCE OF JAMES K. POLK: VOLUME II, 1833-1834, edited by Herbert Weaver and Paul H. Bergeron, reviewed by J. H. Parks; A HISTORY OF THE “NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER,” by William E. Ames, reviewed by Holman Hamilton; THE DISRUPTION OF THE SOLID SOUTH, by George Brown Tindall, reviewed by James W. Silver; THE SPIRITUAL CRISIS OF THE GILDED AGE, by Paul A. Carter, reviewed by Thomas D. Clark; PATERNALISM AND PROTEST: SOUTHERN COTTON MILL WORKERS AND ORGANIZED LABOR, 1875-1905, by Melton Alonza McLaurin, reviewed by Clyde A. Haulman; ALABAMA: A DOCUMENTARY HISTORY TO 1900, by Lucille Griffith, reviewed by Edward C. Williamson; HUGO BLACK: THE ALABAMA YEARS, by Virginia Van Der Veer Hamilton, reviewed by Evans C. Johnson; THE MEGASTATES OF AMERICA: PEOPLE, POLITICS, AND POWER IN THE TEN GREAT STATES, by Neal R. Peirce, reviewed by William C. Havard; SMUGGLERS OF SPIRITS: PROHIBITION AND THE COAST GUARD PATROL, by Harold Waters, reviewed by Leon O. Prior; MERLE EVANS: MAESTRO OF THE CIRCUS, by Gene Plowden, reviewed by Marian Murray