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Book Reviews


FLORIDA, LAND OF IMAGES, by Nixon Smiley, reviewed by William M. Goza; PAPA: HEMINGWAY IN KEY WEST, by James McLendon, reviewed by Kathryn Hall Proby; FRANCIS DRAKE, PRIVATEER CONTEMPORARY NARRATIVES AND DOCUMENTS, edited by John Hampden, reviewed by Paul E. Hoffman; BLAZE OF GLORY: THE FIGHT FOR NEW ORLEANS, 1814-1815, by Samuel Carter, III, reviewed by Frank L. Owsley, Jr.; THE MALLORYS OF MYSTIC: SIX GENERATIONS IN AMERICAN MARITIME ENTERPRISE, by James P. Baughman, reviewed by Edward A. Mueller; DANIEL LEE, AGRICULTURIST: HIS LIFE NORTH AND SOUTH, by E. Merton Coulter, reviewed by James C. Bonner; BOOKER T. WASHINGTON: THE MAKING OF A BLACK LEADER, 1856-1901, by Louis R. Harlan, reviewed by Elizabeth Jacoway Burns; IN HIS IMAGE, BUT . . .: RACISM IN SOUTHERN RELIGION, 1780-1910, by H. Shelton Smith, reviewed by Charles E. Wynes; THE SAVAGE IDEAL: INTOLERANCE AND INTELLECTUAL LEADERSHIP IN THE SOUTH, 1890-1914, by Bruce Clayton, reviewed by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.; DARKNESS AT THE DAWNING: RACE AND REFORM IN THE PROGRESSIVE SOUTH, by Jack Temple Kirby, reviewed by Charles U. Smith; THE CHANGING POLITICS OF THE SOUTH, edited by William C. Havard, reviewed by Sheldon Hackney; THE SOUTH AND THE CONCURRENT MAJORITY, by David M. Potter, reviewed by William I. Hair; THE WRITER IN THE SOUTH, by Louis D. Rubin, Jr., reviewed by Edgar W. Hirshberg; THE BUTTERFLY CASTE: A SOCIAL HISTORY OF PELLAGRA IN THE SOUTH, by Elizabeth W. Etheridge, reviewed by James Harvey Young; BIRACIAL POLITICS: CONFLICT AND COALITION IN THE METROPOLITAN SOUTH, by Chandler Davidson, reviewed by Dewey W. Grantham; THE BOSSES, by Alfred Steinberg, reviewed by Thomas S. Morgan, Jr.; GERONIMO, by Alexander B. Adams, reviewed by Jack C. Lane