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Book Reviews


THE SEGREGATION FACTOR IN THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC GUBERNATORIAL PRIMARY OF 1956, by Helen L. Jacobstein, reviewed by Joseph A. Tomberlin; MINING IN THE NEW WORLD, by Carlos Prieto, reviewed by Luis Rafael Arana; THE PRICE OF LOYALTY: TORY WRITINGS FROM THE REVOLUTIONARY ERA, edited by Catherine S. Crary, reviewed by Geraldine M. Meroney; THE GENET MISSION, by Harry Ammon, reviewed by George C. Rogers, Jr.; THE PAPERS OF JOHN C. CALHOUN: VOLUME VII, 1822-1823, edited by W. Edwin Hemphill, reviewed by Thomas P. Govan; MR. POLK’S WAR: AMERICAN OPPOSITION AND DISSENT, 1846-1848, by John H. Schroeder, reviewed by Gerald M. Capers; THE SOUTHERN DREAM OF A CARIBBEAN EMPIRE, 1854-1861, by Robert E. May, reviewed by Robert C. Harris; JOHN MCINTOSH KELL OF THE RAIDER ALABAMA, by Norman C. Delaney, reviewed by W. Stanley Hoole; JOSEPH E. BROWN AND THE POLITICS OF RECONSTRUCTION, by Derrell C. Roberts, reviewed by Merlin G. Cox; AUGUST RECKONING: JACK TURNER AND RACISM IN POST-CIVIL WAR ALABAMA, by William Warren Rogers and Robert David Ward, reviewed by Allen J. Going; IMMIGRANTS, BAPTISTS, AND THE PROTESTANT MIND IN AMERICA, by Lawrence B. Davis, reviewed by George E. Pozzetta; STORMY PETREL: N. G. GONZALES AND HIS STATE, by Lewis Pinckney Jones, reviewed by Thomas Graham; THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND BLACK AMERICA: FROM MCKINLEY TO HOOVER: 1896-1933, by Richard B. Sherman, reviewed by Dewey W. Grantham; HILLBILLY WOMEN, by Kathy Kahn, reviewed by Richard Iobst; BICENTENNIAL USA: PATHWAYS TO CELEBRATION, by Robert G. Hartje, reviewed by Pat Dodson