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Book Reviews


AUDUBON, by Kathryn Hall Proby, reviewed by E. A. Hammond; THE FLORIDA PHOSPHATE INDUSTRY: A HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF A VITAL MINERAL, by Arch Frederic Blakey, reviewed by Wayne Flynt; CROWDER TALES, by Nixon Smiley, reviewed by Wyatt Blassingame; PROCEEDINGS OF THE GULF COAST HISTORY AND HUMANITIES CONFERENCE, VOLUME IV, GULF COAST POLITICS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, edited by Ted Carageorge and Thomas J. Gilliam, reviewed by William I. Hair; CONTRIBUTIONS OF THE FLORIDA STATE MUSEUM, ANTHROPOLOGY AND HISTORY, NUMBER 18, EXCAVATIONS ON AMELIA ISLAND IN NORTHEAST FLORIDA, by E. Thomas Hemmings and Kathleen A. Deagan, reviewed by Roger T. Grange, Jr.; HELD CAPTIVE BY INDIANS, SELECTED NARRATIVES, 1642-1836, edited by Richard VanDerBeets, reviewed by James H. O’Donnell III; THE LOYALISTS IN REVOLUTIONARY AMERICA, 1760-1781, by Robert McCluer Calhoon, reviewed by Kenneth Coleman; SOUTHERN INDIANS IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, by James H. O’Donnell III, reviewed by Arthur H. DeRosier, Jr.; INDEPENDENCE ON TRIAL: FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND THE MAKING OF THE CONSTITUTION, by Frederick W. Marks III, reviewed by Don Higginbotham; THE NAVY DEPARTMENT IN THE WAR OF 1812, by Edward K. Eckert, reviewed by William N. Still, Jr.; THE JOURNAL OF GEORGE TOWNLEY FULLAM, BOARDING OFFICER OF THE CONFEDERATE SEA RAIDER Alabama, edited by Charles G. Summersell, reviewed by George E. Buker; REUNION WITHOUT COMPROMISE, THE SOUTH AND RECONSTRUCTION: 1865-1868, by Michael Perman, reviewed by Ben Procter; THOMAS COUNTY, 1865-1900, by William Warren Rogers, reviewed by Elizabeth Studley Nathans; BLACK NEW ORLEANS, 1860-1880, by John W. Blassingame, and THE NEGRO IN SAVANNAH, 1865-1900, by Robert E. Perdue, reviewed by David R. Colburn; THE SPANISH-CUBAN-AMERICAN WAR AND THE BIRTH OF AMERICAN IMPERIALISM, VOLUME I: 1895-1898, AND THE SPANISH-CUBAN-AMERICAN WAR AND THE BIRTH OF AMERICAN IMPERIALISM, VOLUME II: 1898-1902, by Philip S. Foner, reviewed by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.; THE MAN OF LETTERS IN NEW ENGLAND AND THE SOUTH: ESSAYS ON THE HISTORY OF THE LITERARY VOCATION IN AMERICA, by Lewis P. Simpson, reviewed by Edgar W. Hirshberg