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Book Reviews


THE EVERGLADES: FROM YESTERDAY TO TOMORROW, by Wyatt Blassingame, reviewed by Thelma Peters; THE NEW FLORIDA ATLAS: PATTERNS OF THE SUNSHINE STATE, by Roland Wood and Edward A. Fernald, reviewed by Robert B. Marcus; WEST GEORGIA COLLEGE STUDIES IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES, VOLUME XII, GEOGRAPHIC PERSPECTIVES ON SOUTHERN DEVELOPMENT, edited by John C. Upchurch and David C. Weaver, reviewed by Shannon McCune; MONEY AND POLITICS IN AMERICA, 1755-1775: A STUDY IN THE CURRENCY ACT OF 1764 AND THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF REVOLUTION, by Joseph Albert Ernst, reviewed by Richard B. Sheridan; THE OLD DOMINION AND THE NEW NATION, 1788-1801, by Richard R. Beeman, reviewed by Carl J. Vipperman; SEEDS OF EXTINCTION: JEFFERSONIAN PHILANTHROPHY AND THE AMERICAN INDIAN, by Bernard W. Sheehan, reviewed by Waddy William Moore; THE AMERICAN TERRITORIAL SYSTEM, edited by John Porter Bloom, reviewed by Mary Young; THE PAPERS OF HENRY CLAY, VOLUME 5: SECRETARY OF STATE, 1826, edited by James F. Hopkins and Mary W. M. Hargreaves, reviewed by Edwin A. Miles; STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS, by Robert W. Johannsen, reviewed by Grady McWhiney; FLO: A BIOGRAPHY OF FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED, by Laura Wood Roper, reviewed by Mary Elizabeth Massey; A WORLD IN SHADOW: THE FREE BLACK IN ANTEBELLUM SOUTH CAROLINA, by Marina Wikramanayake, reviewed by Roland C. McConnell; JENNISON’S JAYHAWKERS: A CIVIL WAR CAVALRY REGIMENT AND ITS COMMANDER, by Stephen Z. Starr, reviewed by Glenn Tucker; THE POLITICS OF INERTIA: THE ELECTION OF 1876 AND THE END OF RECONSTRUCTION, by Keith Ian Polakoff, reviewed by Robert Hartje; JAMES WELDON JOHNSON: BLACK LEADER, BLACK VOICE, by Eugene Levy, reviewed by Elsie M. Lewis; THE SEARCH FOR THE SANTA MARIA, by John Frye, reviewed by Carl J. Clausen; YESTERDAY IN THE HILLS, by Floyd C. Watkins and Charles Hubert Watkins, reviewed by Kenneth Clarke