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Book Reviews


HIBERNIA: THE UNRETURNING TIDE, by Margaret Seton Fleming Biddle, reviewed by Dena Snodgrass; BEYOND THE FOURTH GENERATION, by Lamar Johnson, reviewed by Charlton W. Tebeau; FLORIDA FROM SECESSION TO SPACE AGE, by Merlin G. Cox and J. E. Dovell, reviewed by Dorothy Dodd; SPAIN: THE RISE OF THE FIRST WORLD POWER, by John Fraser Ramsey, reviewed by Donald E. Worcester; PEDRO DE LA TORRE: DOCTOR TO CONQUERORS, by John Tate Lanning, reviewed by Irving A. Leonard; BRITISH MAPS OF COLONIAL AMERICA, by William P. Cumming, reviewed by Louis De Vorsey, Jr.; BLACK MAJORITY: NEGROES IN COLONIAL SOUTH CAROLINA, FROM 1670 THROUGH THE STONO REBELLION, by Peter H. Wood, reviewed by Richard B. Sheridan; BRITISH DRUMS ON THE SOUTHERN FRONTIER: THE MILITARY COLONIZATION OF GEORGIA, 1733-1749, by Larry E. Ivers, reviewed by Aubrey C. Land; THE SPANISH IN THE MISSISSIPPI VALLEY, 1762-1804, edited by John Francis McDermott, reviewed by Richard K. Murdoch; WASHINGTON: THE INDISPENSABLE MAN, by James Thomas Flexner, reviewed by Gerard W. Gawalt; WILLIAM H. CRAWFORD, 1772-1834, by Chase C. Mooney, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; PLANTATION, TOWN, AND COUNTRY: ESSAYS ON THE LOCAL HISTORY OF AMERICAN SLAVE SOCIETY, edited by Elinor Miller and Eugene D. Genovese, reviewed by Julia F. Smith; TIME ON THE CROSS: THE ECONOMIST OF AMERICAN NEGRO SLAVERY, AND TIME ON THE CROSS: EVIDENCE AND METHODS— A SUPPLEMENT, by Robert William Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; BLACK BUSINESS IN THE NEW SOUTH: A SOCIAL HISTORY OF THE NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, by Walter B. Weare, reviewed by Edward N. Akin; A CENTURY OF JEWISH LIFE IN DIXIE: THE BIRMINGHAM EXPERIENCE, by Mark H. Elovitz, reviewed by Bertram W. Korn; THE POLITICAL STATUS OF THE NEGRO IN THE AGE OF FDR, by Ralph J. Bunche, edited with an introduction by Dewey W. Grantham, reviewed by Ralph F. de Bedts; SERPENT IN EDEN: H. L. MENCKEN AND THE SOUTH, by Fred C. Hobson, Jr., reviewed by Gloria Jahoda