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Book Reviews


NOR IS IT OVER YET: FLORIDA IN THE ERA OF RECONSTRUCTION, 1863-1877, by Jerrell H. Shofner, reviewed by T. Harry Williams; SWAMP SAILORS: RIVERINE WARFARE IN THE EVERGLADES, 1835-1842, by George E. Buker, reviewed by Clark G. Reynolds; MARJORIE KINMAN RAWLINGS, by Samuel I. Bellman, reviewed by Gloria Jahoda; FLORIDA PLACE NAMES, by Allen Morris, reviewed by Pat Dodson; FLORIDA: A GEOGRAPHICAL APPROACH, by Robert B. Marcus and Edward A. Fernald, reviewed by Alan Craig; A HISTORY OF FRENCH LOUISIANA, VOLUME ONE, THE REIGN OF LOUIS XIV, 1698-1715, by Marcel Giraud, translated by Joseph C. Lambert, reviewed by A. P. Nasatir; THE PAPERS OF HENRY LAURENS, VOLUME FOUR: SEPT. 1, 1763-AUG. 31, 1765, edited by George C. Rogers, Jr., David R. Chesnutt, Peggy J. Clark, and Walter B. Edgar, reviewed by Richard Walsh; FUNDAMENTAL TESTAMENTS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE SECOND SYMPOSIUM, MAY 10 AND 11, 1973, by the Library of Congress Symposia on the American Revolution, reviewed by Geraldine M. Meroney; TRAVEL ON SOUTHERN ANTEBULUM RAILROADS, 1828-1860, by Eugene Alvarez, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; ROLL, JORDAN, ROLL: THE WORLD THE SLAVES MADE, by Eugene D. Genovese, reviewed by Elsie M. Lewis; JOHNSON, GRANT, AND THE POLITICS OF RECONSTRUCTION, by Martin E. Mantell, reviewed by Elizabeth Studley Nathans; SCHOOLS FOR ALL: THE BLACKS & PUBLIC EDUCATION IN THE SOUTH, 1865-1877, by William Preston Vaughn, reviewed by F. Bruce Rosen; RICH HARVEST: A HISTORY OF THE GRANGE, 1867-1900, by D. Sven Nordin, reviewed by R. E. Culbertson; THE BOOKER T. WASHINGTON PAPERS: VOLUME 3, 1889-95, edited by Louis R. Harlan, reviewed by Thomas D. Clark; THE MIRROR OF WAR: AMERICAN SOCIETY AND THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, by Gerald F. Linderman, reviewed by Ernest F. Dibble; THE SHAPING OF SOUTHERN POLITICS: SUFFRAGE RESTRICTION AND THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE ONE-PARTY SOUTH, 1880-1910, by J. Morgan Kousser, reviewed by Sheldon Hackney