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Book Reviews


MINORCANS IN FLORIDA: THEIR HISTORY AND HERITAGE, by Jane Quinn, reviewed by J. Leitch Wright, Jr.; EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY FLORIDA AND ITS BORDERLANDS, edited by Samuel Proctor, reviewed by J. Barton Starr; KNIGHTS OF THE FOURTH ESTATE: THE STORY OF THE MIAMI HERALD, by Nixon Smiley, reviewed by Donald W. Curl; ED BALL: CONFUSION TO THE ENEMY, by Leon Odell Griffith, reviewed by Peter D. Klingman; JOHN HOLLIDAY PERRY, FLORIDA PRESS LORD, by Leon Odell Griffith, reviewed by Thomas Graham; ANTE-BELLUM PENSACOLA AND THE MILITARY PRESENCE, by Ernest F. Dibble, reviewed by John K. Mahon; TESTIMONY TO PIONEER BAPTISTS: THE ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE GILLETTE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, by Marvis R. Snell, reviewed by Samuel S. Hill, Jr.; FLORIDA RAMBLE, by Alex Shoumatoff, reviewed by Marjory Bartlett Sanger, DR. JOHN MITCHELL: THE MAN WHO MADE THE MAP OF NORTH AMERICA, by Edmund Berkeley and Dorothy Smith Berkeley, reviewed by Helen Hornbeck Tanner; WILLIAM PENN, by Harry Emerson Wildes; PATRICK HENRY: A BIOGRAPHY, by Richard R. Beeman; and THE PRESIDENCY OF GEORGE WASHINGTON, by Forrest McDonald, reviewed by Don Higginbotham; AND THEY ALL SANG HALLELUJAH: PLAIN-FOLK CAMP-MEETING RELIGION, 1800-1845, by Dickson D. Bruce, Jr., reviewed by Walter B. Posey; THE MEXICAN WAR, 1846-1848, by K. Jack Bauer; and TO CONQUER A PEACE: THE WAR BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICO, by John Edward Weems, reviewed by Ernest M. Lander, Jr.; BRECKINRIDGE: STATESMAN, SOLDIER, SYMBOL, by William C. Davis, reviewed by James Rabun; THE SEGREGATION STRUGGLE IN LOUISIANA, 1862-77, by Roger A. Fischer, reviewed by William I. Hair; INTO THE TWENTIES: THE UNITED STATES FROM ARMISTICE TO NORMALCY, by Burl Noggle, reviewed by Jim Berry Pearson; THE DEEP SOUTH STATES OF AMERICA: PEOPLE, POLITICS, AND POWER IN THE SEVEN DEEP SOUTH STATES, by Neal R. Peirce, reviewed by Numan V. Bartley