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Book Reviews


FLORIDA IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, by J. Leitch Wright, Jr., reviewed by Don Higginbotham; THE FUNNEL OF GOLD, by Mendel Peterson, reviewed by Eugene Lyon; THE SEA SHELL ISLANDS: A HISTORY OF SANIBEL AND CAPTIVA by Elinore M. Dormer, reviewed by E. A. Hammond; THE EDUCATION OF BLACK PEOPLE IN FLORIDA, by J. Irving E. Scott, reviewed by Harry A. Kersey, Jr.; A HISTORY OF THE OLD SOUTH: THE EMERGENCE OF A RELUCTANT NATION, by Clement Eaton, reviewed by George R. Bentley; ORIGINS OF A SOUTHERN MOSAIC: STUDIES OF EARLY CAROLINA AND GEORGIA, by Clarence L. Ver Steeg, reviewed by Richard K. Murdoch; THE BRITISH AT THE GATES: THE NEW ORLEANS CAMPAIGN IN THE WAR OF 1812, by Robin Reilly, reviewed by Frank L. Owsley; THE PAPERS OF JOHN C. CALHOUN, VOLUME VIII, 1823-1824, edited by W. Edwin Hemphill, reviewed by Thomas P. Govan; CORRESPONDENCE OF JAMES K. POLK, VOLUME III, 1835-1836, edited by Herbert Weaver and Kermit L. Hall, reviewed by J. H. Parks; AMERICAN INDIAN POLICY IN THE JACKSONIAN ERA, by Ronald N. Satz, reviewed by Edwin C. Bearss; JOSEPH JONES, M.D.: SCIENTIST OF THE OLD SOUTH, by James O. Breeden, reviewed by James Harvey Young; CONFEDERATE WOMEN, by Bell Irvin Wiley, reviewed by James I. Robertson, Jr.; BLACK PROTEST: ISSUES AND TACTICS, by Robert C. Dick, reviewed by Peter D. Klingman; THE PERSISTENT TRADITION IN NEW SOUTH POLITICS, by George Brown Tindall, reviewed by Dewey W. Grantham; THE WILD MAN FROM SUGAR CREEK: THE POLITICAL CAREER OF EUGENE TALMADGE, by William Anderson, reviewed by Numan V. Bartley; DIXIECRATS AND DEMOCRATS: ALABAMA POLITICS, 1942-1950, by William D. Barnard, and THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND THE POLITICS OF SECTIONALISM, 1941-1948, by Robert A. Garson, reviewed by William C. Havard; AMERICA’S IMPACT ON THE WORLD: A STUDY OF THE ROLE OF THE UNITED STATES IN THE WORLD ECONOMY, 1750-1970, by William Woodruff, reviewed by Robert S. Woodbury; PLACENAMES OF GEORGIA: ESSAYS OF JOHN H. GOFF, edited by Francis Lee Utley and Marion R. Hemperley; reviewed by Allen Morris