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Book Reviews


HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, by Jerrell H. Shofner, reviewed by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.; PELTS, PLUMES, AND HIDES: WHITE TRADERS AMONG THE SEMINOLE INDIANS, 1870-1930, by Harry A. Kersey, Jr., reviewed by James O. Buswell; ALVAR NUNEZ CABEZA DE VACA: THE FORGOTTEN CHRONICLER, by José B. Fernández, reviewed by Jack D. L. Holmes; FLORIDA’S CRISIS IN PUBLIC EDUCATION: CHANGING PATTERNS OF LEADERSHIP, by Arthur O. White, reviewed by Wayne J. Urban; THE MATERIAL CULTURE OF KEY MARCO, FLORIDA, by Marion Spjut Gilliland, reviewed by Jerald T. Milanich; THE INVASION OF AMERICA: INDIANS, COLONIALISM, AND THE CANT OF CONQUEST, by Francis Jennings, reviewed by Calvin Martin; THE NATCHEZ DISTRICT AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, by Robert V. Haynes, reviewed by Robert R. Rea; MARCH TO MASSACRE: A HISTORY OF THE FIRST SEVEN YEARS OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY, 1784-1791, by William H. Guthman, reviewed by John K. Mahon; HISTORY OF BLACK AMERICANS: FROM AFRICA TO THE EMERGENCE OF THE COTTON KINGDOM, by Philip S. Foner, reviewed by C. Peter Ripley; PLANTATION SOCIETIES, RACE RELATIONS, AND THE SOUTH: THE REGIMENTATION OF POPULATIONS, SELECTED PAPERS OF EDGAR T. THOMPSON, by Edgar T. Thompson, reviewed by Richard B. Sheridan; IMPEACHMENT OF A PRESIDENT: ANDREW JOHNSON, THE BLACKS, AND RECONSTRUCTION, by Hans L. Trefousse, reviewed by Elizabeth Studley Nathans; POPULIST VANGUARD: A HISTORY OF THE SOUTHERN FARMERS’ ALLIANCE, by Robert C. McMath, Jr., reviewed by Martin M. LaGodna; BLACK AMERICANS AND THE WHITE MAN’S BURDEN, 1898-1903, by Willard B. Gatewood, Jr., reviewed by Joe M. Richardson; THE NEW DEAL IN GEORGIA: AN ADMINISTRATIVE HISTORY, by Michael S. Holmes, reviewed by Durward Long; THE IMPROBABLE ERA: THE SOUTH SINCE WORLD WAR II, by Charles P. Roland, reviewed by James W. Silver; SOUTHERN POLITICS AND THE SECOND RECONSTRUCTION, by Numan V. Bartley, and Hugh D. Graham, reviewed by Charles N. Fortenberry; SOUTHERN LITERARY STUDY: PROBLEMS AND POSSIBILITIES, edited by Louis D. Rubin, Jr. and C. Hugh Holman, reviewed by Gloria Jahoda; STUDIES IN SOUTHEASTERN INDIAN LANGUAGES, edited by James M. Crawford, reviewed by Lawrence Foley; FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES: A NEW VIEW OF AMERICAN HISTORY, by David J. Russo, reviewed by Raymond A. Mohl