Paul E. Hoffman


Ever since the Archivo General de Indias (Archive of the Indies or AGI) was renumbered in 1929, users of the John B. Stetson, Jr. Collection of photostats in the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, University of Florida, Gainesville, and of other pre-1929 collections of copies from the AGI have been at a disadvantage in citing those copies. Prior to 1929, the bundles (legajos) of the AGI were numbered according to a system of stack, shelf, bundle (estante, cajón, legajo) whose typical form was “54-2-1.” These numbers were replaced with serial numbers within each ramo (literally “branch”) of the various sections of the archive. The citation 54-2-1 became Santo Domingo 123, for the ramo of the Audiencia of Santo Domingo (in whose district Florida nominally fell) within Section V, Government.1 The normal form of citation became a name and a serial number, the first usually abbreviated to the first letters of the name(s).