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Book Reviews


HOPES, DREAMS, AND PROMISES: A HISTORY OF VOLUSIA COUNDY, FLORIDA, by Michael G. Schene, reviewed by Thomas Graham; THE EMERGENCE OF A CITY IN THE MODERN SOUTH: PENSACOLA, 1900-1945, by James R. McGovern, reviewed by Wayne Flynt; THE UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI: A GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY HISTORY, 1926-1976, by Charlton W. Tebeau, reviewed by Thelma Peters; THE SOUND OF BELLS: THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN SOUTH FLORIDA, 1892-1969, by Joseph D. Cushman, Jr., reviewed by Samuel S. Hill, Jr.; CONFUSION TO THE ENEMY: A BIOGRAPHY OF EDWARD BALL, by Raymond K. Mason and Virginia Harrison, reviewed by William M. Goza; THE FLEDGLING PROVINCE: SOCIAL AND CULTURAL LIFE IN COLONIAL GEORGIA, 1733-1776, by Harold E. Davis, reviewed by Mills Lane, IV; THE JOURNAL OF THOMAS HUBBARD HOBBS: A CONTEMPORARY RECORD OF AN ARISTOCRAT FROM ATHENS, ALABAMA, WRITTEN BETWEEN 1840, WHEN THE DIARIST WAS FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, AND 1862, WHEN HE DIED SERVING THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA, edited by Faye Acton Axford, reviewed by Edward C. Williamson; YANKEE BLITZKREIG: WILSON'S RAID THROUGH ALABAMA AND GEORGIA, by James Pickett Jones, reviewed by Thomas L. Connelly; SHERMAN AND THE BURNING OF COLUMBIA, by Marion Brunson Lucas, reviewed by James P. Jones; THE BLACK FAMILY IN SLAVERY AND FREEDOM, 1750-1925, by Herbert G. Gutman, reviewed by Holman Hamilton; DEMOCRATIC PROMISE: THE POPULIST MOMENT IN AMERICA, by Lawrence Goodwyn, reviewed by William I. Hair; THE ETHNIC SOUTHERNERS, by George Brown Tindall, reviewed by Monroe Billington; RACIAL EQUALITY IN AMERICA, by John Hope Franklin, reviewed by LeRoy Collins; CARNIVAL OF FURY: ROBERT CHARLES AND THE NEW ORLEANS RACE RIOT OF 1900, by William Ivy Hair; A NIGHT OF VIOLENCE: THE HOUSTON RIOT OF 1917, by Robert V. Haynes; and THE ANGELO HERNDON CASE AND SOUTHERN JUSTICE, by Charles H. Martin, reviewed by Dan T. Carter; GERONIMO: THE MAN, HIS TIME, HIS PLACE, by Angie Debo, reviewed by W. David Baird