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Book Reviews


CRACKER MESSIAH: GOVERNOR SIDNEY J. CATTS OF FLORIDA, by Wayne Flynt, reviewed by Dewey W. Grantham; FLORIDA TERRITORY IN 1844: THE DIARY OF MASTER EDWARD C. ANDERSON, UNITED STATES NAVY, edited by W. Stanley Hoole, reviewed by George E. Buker; PROCEEDINGS OF THE GULF COAST HISTORY AND HUMANITIES CONFERENCE, VOLUME VI, THE CULTURAL LEGACY OF THE GULF COAST, 1870-1940, edited by Lucius F. Ellsworth and Linda V. Ellsworth, reviewed by Gloria Jahoda; GOLD, GALLEONS AND ARCHAEOLOGY: A HISTORY OF THE 1715 SPANISH PLATE FLEET AND THE TRUE STORY OF THE GREAT FLORIDA TREASURE FIND, by Robert F. Burgess and Carl J. Clausen, reviewed by Eugene Lyon; THE PAPERS OF HENRY LAURENS, VOLUME FIVE: SEPT. 1, 1765-JULY 31, 1768, edited by George C. Rodgers, Jr., David R. Chesnutt, and Peggy J. Clark; reviewed by Richard Walsh; REVOLT IN LOUISIANA: THE SPANISH OCCUPATION, 1766-1770, by John Preston Moore, reviewed by John J. TePaske; THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, A CONTINUING COMMITMENT, PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE FIFTH SYMPOSIUM, MAY 6 AND 7, 1976 reviewed by Geraldine M. Meroney; STRUGGLE FOR THE AMERICAN MEDITERRANEAN : UNITED STATES -EUROPEAN RIVALRY IN THE GULF-CARIBBEAN, 1776-1904, by Lester D. Langley reviewed by Kenneth F. Kiple; BORDERLAND IN RETREAT: FROM SPANISH LOUISIANA TO THE FAR SOUTHWEST, by Abraham P. Nasatir, reviewed by William S. Coker; THE PAPERS OF JOHN C. CALHOUN, VOLUME IX, 1824-1825, edited by W. Edwin Hemphill, reviewed by Thomas P. Govan; URBAN SLAVERY IN THE AMERICAN SOUTH, 1820-1860: A QUANTITATIVE HISTORY, by Claudia Dale Goldin, reviewed by Harry P. Owens; SLAVES AND FREEDMEN IN CIVIL WAR LOUISIANA, by C. Peter Ripley, and BLACK LEGISLATORS IN LOUISIANA DURING RECONSTRUCTION, by Charles Vincent, reviewed by Charles B. Dew; THE BOOKER T. WASHINGTON PAPERS, VOLUME 5, 1899-1900, edited by Louis R. Harlan, Raymond W. Smock, and Barbara S. Kraft, reviewed by Thomas D. Clark; THE TRANSFORMATION OF SOUTHERN POLITICS: SOCIAL CHANGE AND POLITICAL CONSEQUENCE SINCE 1945, by Jack Bass and Walter DeVries, reviewed by James W. Silver; THE SOUTHEASTERN INDIANS, by Charles Hudson, reviewed by Jerald T. Milanich; AMERICAN FOLKLIFE, edited by Don Yoder, reviewed by Neil Y. Rosenberg