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Book Reviews


THE ENTERPRISE OF FLORIDA: PEDRO MENENDEZ DE AVILES AND THE SPANISH CONQUEST OF 1565-1568, by Eugene Lyon, reviewed by Michael V. Gannon; FLORIDA POLITICS IN THE GILDED AGE, 1877-1893, by Edward C. Williamson, reviewed by Charlton W. Tebeau; OGLETHORPE IN AMERICA, by Phinizy Spalding, reviewed by Jack P. Greene; COLONIAL GEORGIA, A HISTORY, by Kenneth Coleman, reviewed by David R. Chesnutt; THE PAPERS OF GENERAL NATHANAEL GREENE, VOLUME I, DECEMBER 1766-DECEMBER 1776, edited by Richard K. Showman, Margaret Cobb, and Robert E. McCarthy, reviewed by Kenneth Coleman; THIS AFFAIR OF LOUISIANA, by Alexander DeConde, reviewed by Gilbert C. Din; THE DIARY OF EDMUND RUFFIN, VOLUME II, THE YEARS OF HOPE, APRIL, 1861-JUNE, 1863, edited by William Kauffman Scarborough, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM: THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND FREEDMEN’S RIGHTS, 1861 TO 1866, by Herman Belz, reviewed by Elizabeth Studley Nathans; JOSEPH E. BROWN OF GEORGIA, by Joseph H. Parks, reviewed by Bell I. Wiley; VENDETTA: A TRUE STORY OF THE WORST LYNCHING IN AMERICA, THE MASS MURDER OF ITALIAN-AMERICANS IN NEW ORLEANS IN 1891, THE VICIOUS MOTIVATIONS BEHIND IT, AND THE TRAGIC REPERCUSSIONS THAT LINGER TO THIS DAY, by Richard Gambino, reviewed by George E. Pozzetta; AMERICAN INDIAN POLICY IN CRISIS: CHRISTIAN REFORMERS AND THE INDIAN, 1865-1900, by Francis Paul Prucha, reviewed by Harry A. Kersey, Jr.; INDIAN-WHITE RELATIONS: A PERSISTANT PARADOX, edited by Jane F. Smith and Robert M. Kvasnicka, reviewed by Floyd A. O’Neil; THE NATURAL SUPERIORITY OF SOUTHERN POLITICIANS: A REVISIONIST HISTORY, by David Leon Chandler, reviewed by Joe B. Frantz; THE FUTURE OF HISTORY: ESSAYS IN THE VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY CENTENNIAL SYMPOSIUM, edited by Charles F. Delzell, reviewed by Walter Rundell, Jr.; BIOCULTURAL ADAPTATION IN PREHISTORIC AMERICA, edited by Robert L. Blakely, reviewed by Barbara A. Purdy