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Book Reviews


TORIES, DONS, AND REBELS: THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION IN BRITISH WEST FLORIDA, by J. Barton Starr, reviewed by Aubrey C. Land; ZORA NEALE HURSTON: A LITERARY BIOGRAPHY, by Robert E. Hemenway, reviewed by Kevin M. McCarthy; THE LIVING DOCK AT PANACEA, by Jack Rudloe, reviewed by Wyatt Blassingame; FEARLESS AND FREE: THE SEMINOLE INDIAN WAR, 1835-1842, by George Walton, reviewed by Frank Laumer; AFRICANS AND SEMINOLES: FROM REMOVAL TO EMANCIPATION, by Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr., reviewed by James W. Covington; RELIGION IN THE OLD SOUTH, by Donald G. Mathews, reviewed by Walter B. Posey; ADAMS AND JEFFERSON: A REVOLUTIONARY DIALOGUE, by Merrill D. Peterson, reviewed by Robert Dawidoff; TOWARD A PATRIARCHAL REPUBLIC: THE SECESSION OF GEORGIA, by Michael P. Johnson, reviewed by James Rabun; RANK AND FILE: CIVIL WAR ESSAYS IN HONOR OF BELL IRVIN WILEY, edited by James I. Robertson, Jr., and Richard H. McMurry, reviewed by James C. Bonner; MILITARY NECESSITY AND CIVIL RIGHTS POLICY: BLACK CITIZENSHIP AND THE CONSTITUTION, 1861-1868, by Mary Frances Berry, reviewed by La Wanda Cox; A RIGHT TO THE LAND: ESSAYS ON THE FREEDMEN’S COMMUNITY, by Edward Magdol, reviewed by Jerrell H. Shofner; PLACE OVER TIME: THE CONTINUITY OF SOUTHERN DISTINCTIVENESS, by Carl N. Degler, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; THE CITY IN SOUTHERN HISTORY: THE GROWTH OF URBAN CIVILIZATION IN THE SOUTH, edited by Blaine A. Brownell and David R. Goldfield, reviewed by Durward Long; SOUTH CAROLINA: A BICENTENNIAL HISTORY, by Louis B. Wright, reviewed by Walter B. Edgar; LOUISIANA: A BICENTENNIAL HISTORY, by Joe Gray Taylor, reviewed by Dudley S. Johnson; GEORGIA: A BICENTENNIAL HISTORY, by Harold H. Martin, reviewed by Mills Lane; ALABAMA: A BICENTENNIAL HISTORY, by Virginia Van der Veer Hamilton, reviewed by Charles G. Summersell