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Book Reviews


THE WORK OF JACQUES LE MOYNE DE MORGUES , A HUGUENOT ARTIST IN FRANCE, FLORIDA, AND ENGLAND, edited by Paul Hulton, reviewed by Charles E. Bennett; THE LIFE OF HENRY LAURENS MITCHELL, FLORIDA’S 16TH GOVERNOR, by George B. Church, Jr., reviewed by Stephen Kerber; INTERVENTION IN SPANISH FLORIDAS 1801-1813: A STUDY IN JEFFERSONIAN FOREIGN POLICY, by Wanjohi Waciuma, reviewed by Jack D. L. Holmes; FORT MELLON, 1837-1842: A MICROCOSM OF THE SECOND SEMINOLE WAR, by Arthur E. Francke, Jr., reviewed by Frank Laumer; OLD MOBILE: FORT LOUIS DE LA LOUISIANE, 1702-1711, by Jay Higginbotham, reviewed by Robert R. Rea; CORRESPONDENCE OF JAMES K. POLK, VOLUME IV, 1837-1838, edited by Herbert Weaver and Wayne Cutler, reviewed by J. H. Parks; JEFFERSON DAVIS, by Clement Eaton, reviewed by Richard M. McMurry; MASTERS WITHOUT SLAVES: SOUTHERN PLANTERS IN THE CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCTION, by James L. Roark, reviewed by Clement Eaton; BLACKS AND THE POPULIST REVOLT : BALLOTS AND BIGOTRY IN THE “NEW SOUTH,” by Gerald H. Gaither, reviewed by Edward C. Williamson; TRAVAIL AND TRIUMPH: BLACK AND CULTURE IN THE SOUTH SINCE THE CIVIL WAR, by Arnold H. Taylor, reviewed by Joe Richardson; THE BOOKER T. WASHINGTON PAPERS, VOLUME 6: 1901-1902, AND THE BOOKER T. WASHINGTON PAPERS, VOLUME 7: 1903-1904, edited by Louis R. Harlan and Raymond W. Smock, reviewed by Thomas D. Clark; THE IMMODERATE PAST: THE SOUTHERN WRITER AND HISTORY, by C. Hugh Holman, reviewed by Stephen E. Meats; IN SEARCH OF THE SILENT SOUTH: SOUTHERN LIBERALS AND THE RACE ISSUE, by Morton Sosna, reviewed by Augustus M. Burns III; WITNESS IN PHILADELPHIA, by Florence Mars and Lynn Eden, reviewed by David Colburn; AMERICAN FORTS: ARCHITECTURAL FORM AND FUNCTION, by Willard B. Robinson, reviewed by Albert Manucy; A HISTORY OF GEORGIA, edited by Kenneth Coleman, reviewed by Judson C. Ward, Jr.