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Book Reviews


THE MERCHANT OF MANCHAC: THE LETTERBOOKS OF JOHN FITZPATRICK, 1768-1790, edited by Margaret Fisher Dalrymple, reviewed by William S. Coker; EARLY MEDICAL HISTORY OF PINELLAS PENINSULA: A QUADRICENTENNIAL EPOCH, by Frederick Eberson, reviewed by William M. Straight; THE SOUTH, A HISTORY, by I. A. Newby, reviewed by Bell I. Wiley; ANDREW JACKSON IND THE COURSE OF AMERICAN EMPIRE, 1767-1821, by Robert V. Remini, reviewed by Edwin A. Miles; DEEP LIKE THE RIVERS: EDUCATION IN THE SLAVE QUARTER COMMUNITY, 1831-1865, by Thomas L. Webber, reviewed by Peter Kolchin; POLITICS AND POWER IN A SLAVE SOCIETY: ALABAMA, 1800-1860, by J. Mills Thornton III, reviewed by John Hebron Moore; LIBERTY AND UNION: THE CRISIS OF POPULAR GOVERNMENT, 1830-1890, by David Herbert Donald, reviewed by William I. Hair; SEARCHING FOR THE INVISIBLE MAN: SLAVES AND PLANTATION LIFE IN JAMAICA, by Michael Craton, reviewed by Edward L. Cox; THE ROOTS OF BLACK POVERTY: THE SOUTHERN PLANTATION ECONOMY AFTER THE CIVIL WAR, by Jay R. Mandle, reviewed by LaWanda Cox; JOHN COLLIER’S CRUSADE FOR INDIAN REFORM, 1920-1954, by Kenneth R. Philp, reviewed by W. David Baird; SUCH AS US: SOUTHERN VOICES OF THE THIRTIES, edited by Tom E. Terrill and Jerrold Hirsch, reviewed by Wayne Flynt; A NEW DEAL FOR BLACKS: THE EMERGENCE OF CIVIL RIGHTS AS A NATIONAL ISSUE. VOLUME 1: THE DEPRESSION YEARS, by Harvard Sitkoff, reviewed by Elliott Rudwick; THE AFRO-AMERICAN WOMAN: STRUGGLES AND IMAGES, edited by Sharon Harley and Rosalyn Terborg-Penn, reviewed by Emma Lou Thornbrough; LOST TRIBES AND PROMISED LANDS: THE ORIGINS OF AMERICAN RACISM, by Ronald Sanders, reviewed by Abraham P. Nasatir