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Trail Indians of Florida


The story of the Trail Indians of Florida is the account of Seminoles who loved Florida as much as any group that ever lived here-Latins, crackers, or transplanted Yankees-and who fought the United States government to a virtual standstill in three nineteenth-century wars in a fierce determination to maintain their homes somewhere on the peninsula. In terms of religion, education, and their general life pattern, the Trail Indians have been among the most recalcitrant in the United States against the threats of the white man’s civilization. In recent years one group of Seminoles, organized into the Miccosukee Tribe, launched a determined effort against federal and state authorities to be recognized as a separate entity and to receive land which it could call its own. After years of struggle, utilizing even “red power,” the Miccosukee Tribe achieved both their goals. They were recognized as the Miccosukee Tribe, separate from the main body of Florida Indians, and they also received a tract of leased land.