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Book Reviews


THE AWAKENING OF ST. AUGUSTINE: THE ANDERSON FAMILY AND THE OLDEST CITY, 1821-1924, by Thomas Graham, reviewed by Michael V. Gannon; SITUACION HISTORICA DE LAS FLORIDAS EN LA SEGUNDA MITAD DEL SIGLO XVIII, by Elena Sanchez-Fabres Mirat, reviewed by Charles W. Arnade; EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY FLORIDA: THE IMPACT OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, edited by Samuel Proctor, reviewed by Robert R. Rea; THE FLORIDA WARS, by Virginia Bergman Peters, reviewed by John K. Mahon; SOURCES OF AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE: SELECTED MANUSCRIPTS FROM THE COLLECTIONS OF THE WILLIAM L. CLEMENTS LIBRARY, edited by Howard Peckham, reviewed by Gerard W. Gawalt; JOHN ROSS, CHEROKEE CHIEF, by Gary F. Moulton, reviewed by Carl Vipperman; MORAL CHOICES: MEMORY, DESIRE, AND IMAGINATION IN NINETEENTH CENTURY AMERICAN ABOLITIONISM, by Peter Walker, reviewed by Phillip S. Paludan; THE SOUTH AND THE POLITICS OF SLAVERY, 1828-1856, by William J. Cooper, Jr., reviewed by Holman Hamilton; MEDICINE AND SLAVERY: THE DISEASES AND HEALTH CARE OF BLACKS IN ANTEBELLUM VIRGINIA, by Todd L. Savitt, reviewed by James Harvey Young; LIFE AND LABOR ON ARGYLE ISLAND: LETTERS AND DOCUMENTS OF A SAVANNAH RIVER RICE PLANTATION, 1833-1867, edited by James M. Clifton, reviewed by Emory M. Thomas; AFTER SECESSION: JEFFERSON DAVIS AND THE FAILURE OF CONFEDERATE NATIONALISM, by Paul D. Escott, reviewed by Clement Eaton; FREEDMEN AND THE IDEOLOGY OF FREE LABOR: LOUISIANA, 1862-1865, by William F. Messner, reviewed by Mary F. Berry; AMELIA GAYLE GORGAS: A BIOGRAPHY, by Mary Tabb Johnston and Elizabeth Johnston Libscomb, reviewed by Richard M. McMurry; STRANGERS WITHIN THE GATE CITY: THE JEWS OF ATLANTA, 1845-1915, by Steven Hertzberg, reviewed by Louis E. Schmier; THE SACRED HARP: A TRADITION AND ITS MUSIC, by Buell E. Cobb, Jr., reviewed by Dale A. Olsen